Example resources
The following example resources show different ways to include specially written text (‘editorial’), key information about traders (‘highlights’) and references to sources of information.

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Resources by locality

Finding key local information
This example provides a checklist of services (including those which are traded commercially) which residents anywhere in Scotland start to require as their physical needs increase.

Resources across Scotland

Forging the future
This resource exemplifies Scotland’s range of local companies which produce and market uniquely Scottish products. It is specifically designed to appeal to young people preparing to become employees and, perhaps later, employers.

Scottish stained glass
This resource illustrates the range of creative and conservation skills within Scotland’s stained glass industry.

Marketing Scotland
With Scotland excelling at attracting visitors, this example introduces the varied jobs and career options in hospitality, leisure, travel, tourist services and in producing real souvenirs.

Achieving what you want
This example considers the balance between economic and social aims required through life, at school and then particularly at work.

Building a successful business
This example illustrates how working in groups can be preferable to being self-employed for those new to employment.
ScotSectorlink welcomes enquiries from businesses and others not included within the above examples for schools; information can be included in future versions without charge where appropriate and where space allows.

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