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Writing a short editorial, or summary, on what you discovered using the sources.
Write a report of about three paragraphs on your project, making sure it is written in a way to attract the attention of your readers (which you identified in step 1).

Include in your report how easily you found traders to highlight - when you feel sure that the illustrated traders match what you were looking for.

What conclusions can you draw by re-reading the trader highlights you drafted in step 2? Ask yourself questions such as:
  • Why did you select these traders to highlight?
  • Because their websites were smart, by their choice of cool places to be based, by their serving the locality of your resource’s focus, by their description of interesting contracts done or services delivered?
  • Or because they offered services you didn’t know were still available or already done locally?
  • By their offer to deliver services in places abroad that attract you?
  • Are the selected traders mainly importers or wholesalers? Is that why you had difficulty in finding traders to highlight? Are their goods being delivered over long distances?
  • Have you identified a future niche market, because some services just do not seem to be currently offered in a locality? (Remember this information because it may well help a local trader to expand their business and raise the commercial need for more local workers. Including this information in your resource could well forge a link that will be useful to you and your school when you approach the jobs market in future.)
Summarise your conclusions in the project report; they become part of the editorial content of your resource.

Listing your sources

How did you find the traders’ details? They could have been in:
  • A telephone directory, local newspapers or magazines or Information found at a local library, health and community centre or other public service information point.
  • A website which introduces the locality or brochures designed for visitors.
  • Local knowledge, having asked friends and family, or asked traders to recommend others or tell you about the lists of traders held by their membership bodies, whether by profession, trade, industry, business type or size.
You will probably have used an online search engine to find some traders. Did you find some traders from websites listing many traders? For instance, did you find hoteliers from a website run by the local tourist board? Such websites could be referenced as a directory in your resource.

Finalising your resource

If you have enough traders highlighted, you are now ready to start
step 4. If not you need to make progress, because your project may be running out of time. Discuss solutions with your teacher and remember that such research can be difficult and obstacles are to be expected – as job hunting and career decisions can be in a fast-changing UK economy. Add a conclusion to your project report from your research and any discussions with your teacher; this also forms the editorial material for your resource.

Step 4

Producing a resource

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