Why produce resources?
Each of the five steps in producing a resource will help you to progress your own learning and goals and how, in the future, you may earn your way in life as an employee and perhaps later as an employer. Earning is not the only aim in life but it does help you to be able to afford to achieve your aspirations.

Even the first step will help your knowledge and understanding of the world of work, improve your career options and so raise your chance of earning your way. This is by identifying traders to highlight in your resource, either by the goods and services they offer, or by the locality they serve.
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Why take an interest in researching into goods and services?

You can help your understanding and performance in your studies at school in themes such as enterprise and sustainable development, by choosing to research and produce a resource about goods and services delivered in Scotland.

You could consider, for example, giving information about traders involved in making things to sell specifically to people who visit Scotland. Another option would be to focus on finding traders who grow things to sell to local residents, including those who run cafes or other food outlets. Or you could focus on goods and services, such as printing and bookkeeping, which many traders need to buy in to run their own businesses.

Why bother to see what services are available in a locality?

Your studies at school include themes such as citizenship and health and wellbeing. You can help your understanding and performance in these by producing a resource which highlights traders who serve a locality in Scotland. Such goods and services range from those required to make the locality attractive to young residents and also to visitors, through to goods and services to help residents keep themselves and their homes safe and sound.

Your production of a resource that brings together information for a locality helps you to see how the strengths of communities could be built and improved. Where research for your resource includes asking questions of local residents of all ages, you may see how relations between different generations could be improved.

Whatever focus you choose to highlight in your resource about a locality, you would see how 'health and wellbeing' may apply to a locality as well as to you as an individual.

Links for a better future

The final step of resource production is for you to contact the traders you have chosen to highlight so that you may show them your finished resource and ask their permission to include information about them. This helps you to build your confidence when applying for jobs and increases your chance of settling quickly into a new job. By being in contact with traders, you gain practical experience in communicating with the business community – not to ask for a job or otherwise pester the trader but to learn how to foster links for a better future. Such links are key to 'recruitment by word of mouth' which was once a more common way in which people found a job or chose a career.

Ready to start?

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