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Showing your resource to others, and saving it for future use.
Does your school plan to display a printed copy of your resource at a library or other public information point, for residents, tourists or planners of local events?

Will your school seek local media (papers, TV, radio) coverage of your project to publicise the resource?

If so in either case, then you and your teachers can add to your resource by asking readers – including those looking for local information or to promote an open day - for their opinion (did they find the information useful? Was it presented in an attractive way?).

Will your school add the resource to the school collection (for example in the library or resource centre or on the website) for other students to use?

(If the answer to all three of these questions is ‘no’ then move straight on to the section below on how to store your resource.)

But if ‘the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, things must now be kept business-like, as the important people who must first see your resource are the traders it highlights.

Asking your school for a permission sheet for each trader

Before you contact any of the traders, ask your school to provide you with a ‘permission sheet’ for each trader not already included in the school’s collection of similar resources produced by students.

Note if any trader highlighted in your resource has already been included in another resource that is already held in your school’s bank. Where this is the case you can change your highlight to match the earlier one for which the trader has already signed a permission sheet – unless information about that trader has changed. You still need to contact the trader, but only to show your new resource as a courtesy.

For each trader not already included in the school’s bank of resources, the permission sheet, printed on school headed stationery and provided by your teachers, will be as follows:
We [school name inserted here] request the approval of [trader’s name inserted here] for the wording of the entry in the attached resource which highlights the business interests of [trader’s name] and which has been produced as part of a school project.

Approval is sought on the following terms:
1. The resource will be retained by [school name] solely for educational purposes, to help knowledge and understanding of the business community.
2. We [school name] do not pay or charge companies for the data they agree to have highlighted in the attached resource.
3. (if applicable) The resource will be displayed in local public information points.

Please record your approval and grant permission for use of the resource as above, by e-mailing [insert an address] or by signing and returning this sheet. Thank you.
Once you have the permission sheets

Once your teacher gives you the permission sheets contact each trader in person, by telephone or e-mail or by post, to show the trader your resource and ask for the permission sheet to be duly signed or e-mailed back. Permission is more easily given for information which has used extracts from the trader’s website or promotional literature.

Remember that some traders will be too busy to reply immediately, perhaps offering to look at your resource and permission sheet at a later time. If a trader is unable to give their approval in time for your project or prefers not to be included, then courteously explain that you will have to omit that trader. Select another relevant trader (in step 2), amend your resource to replace one trader’s highlight with that for the new trader, and ask for an extra permission sheet.

Once all traders have given their permission, then add to the end of your resource: 'This is a school project by pupils of [insert your school name] with permitted free promotion of traders'. Then the resource can be displayed publicly.

Saving your resource

Make sure your resource is filed clearly and safely in any school collection of such material (probably in the library or resource centre) along with all returned permission sheets. An electronic version may also be held on the school website or intranet.

Congratulations, you have now produced a resource which will help you, your school and the place where you live!

Producing a resource

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